i know one thing that's reasonable.(с)ZQ

"Если мне что-то надо, значит, это уже моё"©
Именно так прокомментировал Закари Куинто следующую фотографию, размещенную им в Твиттере:

Комменты к фото жгут аццким пламенем.:evil:

JQsan about 2 hours ago
ipad! :)) ??.. LOL

Shandazzle about 18 hours ago
Haha! Like a soy latte? o_O

maziejenn about 18 hours ago
I'm offended that you didn't post the pic that showed ME standing by that sign...;-p

SallMuse about 20 hours ago
wink wink, nudge nudge! ;D

amyelizabeth809 about 22 hours ago
ummm...whatever makes you happy babe but dont change your carreer path for anything too degrading ;-)

Sunfell about 23 hours ago
I see that you have located my secret Improbability Node. :-)

amyxox 1 day ago
Oh! thinking of so many possibilities for whats to the left of the sign, none are good.

JoelleSerneels 1 day ago
$5, indeed, must be reasonable. :-) I dont have problem if they use it here aswell. ^^

wyrdwordeater 1 day ago
Wow, 'things' go cheap in the US...

Rebekahdg 1 day ago
Yeah, not going the naughty route with this one. Love should be reasonable, that's my take!

ihoppermeredith 1 day ago
Oh my. And what might you be implying? Dirty, dirty mind Zach. Dirty. Oh crap. I must have one too, I caught your subtleness.

CatNipSoup 1 day ago
You are so bad..

Alrod1973 1 day ago

kaitlinaveryt 1 day ago
blow job. he means blow job.

KB_Kemet 1 day ago
What's the one thing???? How long you gonna leave us hangin'??? I can't take it anymore!!!!!! gggggggrrrrrrrrrrrr aaarrgggghhhhhhhh EEK!! oh phliberty-jibbert!!!!

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2010-04-29 в 17:09 

I read dead people
Я согласен заплатить даже шесть. (;


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