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История поклонницы Зака, которая совершенно случайно была посажена на место отсутствующего Дж.Дж.Абрамса между Закари Куинто и Крисом Пайном... Наслаждаемся и завидуем!)

The night when I wined and dined with Zach and Chris!
Let me just warn you, this is VERY VERY long. and things may not be in order, so if you have something better to do, you might wanna skip this. Haha
I came to this award at the Hollywood Palladium and was not expecting Zach or anyone from Star Trek to be there. I kept researching, the day before, the night before, and a few hours before, no luck. So I showed up with no hope, that Zach would be there. (Which is pretty much the sole reason why I’d even show up to these shows.)...
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2010-01-18 в 16:04 

Swimming guineapig
put a rock beat over everything
интересно :)


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