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The night when I wined and dined with Zach and Chris!
Let me just warn you, this is VERY VERY long. and things may not be in order, so if you have something better to do, you might wanna skip this. Haha
I came to this award at the Hollywood Palladium and was not expecting Zach or anyone from Star Trek to be there. I kept researching, the day before, the night before, and a few hours before, no luck. So I showed up with no hope, that Zach would be there. (Which is pretty much the sole reason why Id even show up to these shows.)...

So we were in line for hours, I was cold as hell, random people who drove by were honking their horns and taking pictures of us. Random girls stood outside of Coffee Bean trying to catch a glimpse of celebrities over the fence, screaming MATTTTT! MATTTTT! (Matt Damon im guessing.) I thought I just needed to see Bradley Cooper, John Krasinki, and BJ Novak and get this night over with.

So we finally got inside the theater, unlike other awards shows which is set up as theater seatings, this one was a table set-up and banquet-like. Interesting. I thought. I told Samy, my cousin and Adrienne, my friend, if we get seperated, lets meet at the lobby, or if its too crowded, lets meet that the little box office. But lets try to stay together and not seperate. Right after I said that, a blonde lady with a headset pointed at me and said You! Please come with me! So I followed her to the table right next to the stage. Please wait over these seats. I wasnt sure what to do, but I looked around, there were many people just standing over the table, so i just did the same.

I looked over at the table that Im supposed to be watching, I saw a red plate of food with small pieces of meat, mushroom, garlic, onion, etc. Very iron-chef-like. Then I looked at the name and it says: Zoe Saldana and Zoe Saldana guest.

I thought, holy crap! Am I on the Star Trek table????? I looked at the name tags across from her and it says: James Cameron. ohhhh.. Avatar table. Then I started to look around, hoping that Id see Zach. A Zac passed by me, but it was a Zac Efron. Very pretty boy, but very short also. I looked around some more, there were many men that resembled him. Eli Roth was at the Inglorious Basterds table, and yes I almost thought he was Zach.

Then, I kind of gave up and started to look around for Samy to tell her where Zac Efron was sitting at. As I looked around there. he. was.

Zachary Quinto. Mr. Spock. Standing and socializing in all his glory, wearing a metallic gray suit among men in black. And he wore his nerdy glasses.

My heart skipped a beat. or two.

I always thought to myself before this, if Zach and I were to over cross paths again. Freak out later, compose yourself first. Ive already rehearsed what to say (i know im a nerd.) Then I looked around some more for Samy, and I found her and we both mouthed to each other Zach Quinto is here! and I told her i KNOWWWW! Zac Efron is over there (i pointed towards him) since hes the Zac that she prefers.

Zoe Saldana eventually came and the show was about to start in 4 minutes, I kept my eye on Zach and walked towards him trying to see where he was sitting at and if there was an empty seat on his table. But he kept socializing so I walked over to where Samy was sitting but on the way, I found Adrienne!

And she said Zachary Quinto is righttt over there. (at this point Zach was already sitting down at a table.)

IIIII know. Lets find a seat next to him.

Lets sit over here. She pointed to a table behind him.

No. Im gonna sit next. to. him. (i was very determined)

So there he was and there were two empty seats in between him and John Cho. So I glided over and sat next. to. him.

Adrienne sat on the empty seat next to me and next to John Cho.

I didnt recognize anyone else from the table except for John and Anton Yelchin. Although there was this man with a red-head next to him. He looked VERY familiar! I couldnt put my finger on it. I was thinking was he on an episode of Heroes or something?? He smiled at me so I smiled back.

Then (silence.) Zach was nibbling on the Iron-Chefy plate.

Adrienne whispers: oh..my..gawsh.

I gave her a grin that says IIIIII KNOW.

John Cho asked Zach, whats that? referring to his suit. Dior?
Zach: (chewing his food.) No. Its.. (something something i couldnt understand.)

Then the courage, craziness, whatever you wanna call it came.

Me: Are you. Zachary Quinto? (no shit.)
Zach: (pauses) slowly looks up and smiles. Yes.. i am.
Me: Oh.. gosh.. Hi, Im a Sarmy. (Sylars Army, only Heroes nerds know this. Its like Clay Aikens claymates.)
Zach: (his eyes lit up) Are you?? (He put down his utensils and wiped his hands. And then he extended his hand to shake mine) Hi! Im Zach! Whats your name?
Me: mmonica. I shook his hand and then i said the stupidest thing in the world. ..i am trying SO hard to be cool right now.. SO hard..
Zach: (laughs)

And then next to me John Cho was talking to Adrienne and he said:

John: So youre Adrienne and.
Adrienne: Monica!

I was still trying so hard not to JIMP I didnt even hear him. So I turned to him and said Sorry! Hi, Im Monica! and shook his hand. And then Adrienne introduced herself to Zach WAY MORE gracefully than I was. He said Hi, Im Zach! I just kept thinking NOOO SHIT!

So the show was starting and Kristin Chenoweth started singing. I looked over at the name tag of the seat that Im sitting at, it says J.J Abrams. And then I looked at the name tag where Adrienne was sitting at and it says Chris Pine. HOLY SHIT! SAMY IS GOING TO KILL ME!

Then and there, Chris Pine showed up and said hi to John Cho and Adrienne got up to leave, but Chris ended up on the seat across from us.

And the guy next to him says I think youre supposed to sit over there, buddy!

Chris: Oh, is she not sitting there?
Guy next to him: I dont think shes coming back.

So Chris walks over and sat. next. to. me.


As Chris was sitting down, the guy with the red-head that looked familiar said hi to him, shook his hand and said you remember me? and Zach said you remember him?

Chris said yeah! with his sexy raspy voice boom! boom! boom!
And the guy said: boom! boom! boom!

And then it dawned on me! Hes the guy from this funny interview that I saw on YouTube over and over again! This interview!


i just kept thinking OOOOMG! loud noises! LOUD NOISES!

The first thing Zach said to Chris was: Captain!
and they did a little Pinto handshake.
Must I add, all this happened within 5 inches away form my face.

I wanted to cry. Then Adrienne came over to me and said that she couldnt find a way to get out, so i told her to sit on the seat across from us where Chris first sat on, which was empty.

And then Zach felt Chriss suit collar (still 5 inches away from face).
So who is this? Rag and Bones??
Chris: No.. Prada.
Zach: Ah youre branching out I see.

Then, he and Zach started talking and I moved back a little to give them an illusion of privacy but their heads just came in even closer, and Id fall backwards if I move my head further back. He asked him if JJ was coming and Zach said he said he was. I thought to myself sighhh it was fun while it lasted. They both were going through their phones Zach with his iPhone and Chris with his Blackberry. I think they were both texting JJ.

And Zach and Chris started talking again saying something about hooking up Chris and Kristin Chenoweth. And Zachs like thats what you like.. right? Chris just pretended to or actually did a little gesture like he was checking her out. I just giggled here and there.

Then! Chris turned to me.. and I froze.

Chris: So..
Me: O.O .Im not JJ.
Chris: (laughs) are you sure??
Me: (laughs like a dork) YEAP!
Chris: in no way you are related to him??
Me: (laughs even more) NOPE! not at all..

Then, while laughing, my hand, like a jerky movement, touched my left thigh, and then I felt his warm hand on it! I didnt feel it there because I had the Critics Choice Program on my lap. Holy shit! Chris Pine is verrrrry friendly! i like! Then he asked for name and just said Nice to meet you! But he didnt say Hi, im Chris. i guess because come on.. who doesnt Chris Pine?

And then everyone ate their small portioned food on their plate already. And Chris goes: Is this all were getting?? And Zach goes, you want some of mine? and he gave him his plate.
And then the plate in front of me belongs to JJ, and the waiter came to me and wanted to grab it and asked are you done with that? i said oh.. i dunno this isnt mine.

Then, this is my favorite thing ever.
Zach grabbed a piece of something on my/jj abrams plate. and put his head in front of mine. I didnt look at him because I.. wasnt sure what he was doing. He was chewing something and his head was still in facing me like 5 inches away, so I looked at him and he was messing around with this very Sylar look on his face like he was staring me down like he wanted to intimdate me! And then he took a bite of whatever it was and was chewing on it, while he was still. staring. me. down. 5 inches away from my face. I kind of gasped and said what??? And he took another bite and continued to chew in front of my face. I laughed like an idiot because i lovedd that he pretended to intimidate me! This is pretty hard to explain, you HAD to be there, I guess that was his was of saying yeah, i grabbed something off off JJs plate, what are you gonna do about it?? =DDDDDDDDDDD

And Chris asked Zach: Wheres Zoe?
Zach: Yeah, is she here? I think shes sitting at the Avatar table. Lets go say hi to her!
So they left and said hi to her and then came back eventually! YES!

Then the night went on, my legs couldnt stop shaking! My right leg was touching Zachs leg so I was embarrassed that hed feel how shaky I was! If I leaned my legs to the left, then Chris would feel how shaky I was. Then I learned that if I started clapping, it reduces the shaky-leggy so I just clapped as much as possible.

They literally were serving boxed wine called Yellow + Blue. Because Yellow + Blue = Green. And it was supposed to be very ECOfriendly. I found a whole new level of classiness in boxed wines after this night. Chris: this is something that id have and serve at home!

Then Zach asked for more wine because the box on our side was empty and Adrienne who was across from us told him that the box on their side still has some in it, so she handed it to him. And after Zach poured it in his glass, the red-headed girl that came with the funny journalist guy asked where the wine went. No one answered her so I said ..Zach took it. and Zach he looked at me. What? and i told her shes looking for the wine and he was joking what noooo.. no i didnt. But as he handed her the wine, the waitress came with a new box. So everyone was happy. And i still giggled like a dork.

Then the waitress asked if were all going to the after party after this. Some people said yes, no and maybes. I forgot what Zach said.

But when she left, Zach asked Chris and John hey, what are you guys doing after this?

Chris: afterparty at Katsuya, i think?
Zach: ok.. can we all roll together though?
John: Whats going on at Chateau though? (referring to Chatrau Marmont i think) I think Id rather go to Chateau.
Zach: Yeah, lets just go to Chateau. But can we please just all roll together and go in one car? My car? you know.. its simple.. we did this before..
Chris: yeah.. yeah..
John: Yeah.. but my guy is driving a Tahoe. What are you (your guy) driving?
I was thinking: Black Prius with an N@ sticker in the back. duh.
Zach: . an Escalade..
Chris: what..? Hybrid? (laughs)

And then they chatted even more. I honestly tried to block em out, because I dont wanna hear anything that I shouldnt, because if I do, ill have a HARD time not sharing it!

Apparently, JJ Abrams texted Chris and told everyone that JJ isnt coming anymore because he was stuck in traffic. And Zach said, nooo.. hes lying! He never even got in his car! And I thought.. YES! YES! YES!

Then Kristin Chenoweth did a part in between our table and the girl from the Lovely Bones table. And Zach called Chris and did a head gesture to check out Kristin, since he was the one who told him to get with her earlier. So Chris raised his eyebrows and obliged. lol the dorky giggles came again. Kristin did a part that involves a hammer and she dropped it! It almost hit Adrienne! and you can see Zachs surprised reaction on TV which was hilarious! I didnt see this, but later on Adrienne told me that Zach grabbed the hammer and started playing with this and after the skit, the producers were looking around for the hammer and well.. they were in Spocks hands.

The parts after this may not be in order, cause I dont remember that well. But Ill try to make it make sense as much as possible.

During commercial break, I forgot if it was John or Chris, but one of them said. Wanna say hi to Paul McCartney? Zach: Sure! So all 4 of them, including Anton left the table.

Then, there were only 3 of us at the table. Me, Adrienne, and this bald guy with glasses who i thought was a seatfiller. Then Adrienne said to me: Omg. I cannot believe that youre sitting next to Zach! She know that this is the ULTIMATE dream come true for me. Not only did i sit next to him, I also had chances to converse with them! I wanted to freak out, but then I remembered what I told myself. Freak out later, compose yourself now. Just keep your cool. So i just told Adrienne I know, Im just ready for someone to shoot myself in the head right now. I feel like Im gonna die. Then the guy next to her (laughs) Yeah..? Cause of Zach? Yes! Later on I figured out he wasnt a seatfiller but one of the producers of Star Trek or something because he was talking to JJ on the phone! AHH! I was embarrassed that he saw me slightly geek out.

Then they all came back and started geeking out of how awesome it is to meet Paul McCartney. It was so funny to see, but thats exactly how I felt to meet them! Then Death Cab For Cutie showed up and I said OMG! Death Cab! and Zach was like YEAH! Chris asks: Who is this? Zach: Death Cab For Cutie. Chris: ohhhh yeah!

Then, during the Sarah Silverman and Adam Lamberts PENIS joke. You guys all saw that on TV. Its funny because when Sarah: I LOVE PENIS! and Adam goes, Who doesnt? Zach laughed and said quietly, not everyone! LOL

At one point, when Julianne Moore was presenting. Zach and Chris were talking (still 5 inches away from my face, so how can i NOT hear?) about her and then Zach said something about how he loved the movie and he said (something something) Julianne Moore.. (something something) Tom Ford. (something something) shouldve been played. by I. Then, my giggles came again. I didnt really hear everything but I heard that last part clearly, so Im guessing Zach wanted to play the male role in that movie (Colin Firth? I think?).

Then one thing that Zach said that was really funny was the Cedric the Entertainer came on stage. Zach goes: I love Cedric! Chris laughed. Zach: What?? I do?? He makes me.. happy!
I giggled again. But in my mind I was laughing my ass off.

Then, this is probably one of the biggest highlight of my night. When Emily Blunt was on stage. Chris left for a bit and came back. He looked at her and asked Zach: Whos that?? Emily Blunt? (still 5 inches away from my face)

Zach: Yeah

i THINK, im not sure, I wasnt looking but Chris mightve made a face or something.

And Zach continued, Shes married to.. John Krasinski.

Then they paused, but were still looking at each other. I thought, they were only engaged! Not married yet! So i blurted out..

Me: NU UH! Not yet!

They both looked at me and laughed. (sighh seeing Zach laugh up close was SO amazing)
Zach: (still laughing) oh what? youre saying you still have a chance??
Me: (laughs because I just realized what I just did.) Yessss! I might still have a chance!
Chris: (still laughing, hand on my lap *melts*) OK.. John is sitting over there! So if you take him, Ill take her!
Me: (getting too excited) YES!! IM DOWN! HAHA DEAL!

Why am i SUCH a geek?

Then, Ben Lyons showed up to say hi to Chris. And Zach said Dont touch his food now!
Ben Lyons laughs and said yes, dont touch my onion rings. Only a true fan would know exactly what they were talking about, because i know EXACTLY what they were referring to!
This interview!


Apparently one time, Chris Pine walked by Ben Lyons and touched his onion rings, put it back down, and then walked away. Then, Im so stupid, I was thinking OUT LOUD and said Omg! I know exactly what interview theyre referring to. And Zachs like what? I thought, crap. he heard. And I just told him how I watched the interview with Ben over and over and knew about the onion-rings-grabbing incident. And he just laughs oh.. okay. AHH. Did I really just do that????

Then John Cho and Anton and Zach went somewhere. And the funny journalist guy came and sat next to Chris to talk to him but Chris stood up to say hi to someone. So I told big-star-trek fan journalist guy..

Dude..I remember you! From the interview!

He had a big smile, do you??

Me: Yes! Loud noises!! LOUD NOISES! ( i did it in my impression of chris pines raspy voice)

Him: BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! with the fist pumps movements.
Me: yes! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! i did the same thing.

Only true trekkers can understand this. Its funny how all this convo happened with Chris standing up in between while me and the journalist guy were sitting. We were literally talking over Chriss butt.

Then they all left for a while, and other seat fillers were filling our table. I was scared that they all wouldnt come back, because thats what happened at the Espys. Zach just came, presented, and then left. And besides, all the nominations that they had was over already.

One seatfiller, this older lady who was behind me in line started talking to me and sat on Zachs seat. She asked me whos seat it was that shes sitting at, and I told her, but I wasnt sure where hes at or when hell be back. So she started telling her friends to sit at our table. I was slowly getting bummed.

Then Anton Yelchin came back, but he sat at John Chos seat because a seatfiller, (who was the lady next to mes friend) was sitting on his seat. I guess he didnt wanna or was scared to ask her to move. Then John Cho and Chris Pine came back so Anton wanted to sit back at his seat. He stood up and sort of just stared at her, so I told her Oh thats his seat. She looked at me and then looked at him and she slooooowly got up and left. So the lady next to me thats sitting on Zachs seat asked is that guy a seatfiller? I said ..Noo! Hes an actor, from Star Trek. And she said Ohhh and then she mouthed to her friend who got bumped that hes an actor.

Then, she started eating the dessert and offered me some and I said no, thank you. And she crumbled it up and made a mess on Zachs table, on top of his program. Zach would not be too happy about that when he comes back.

Then, I didnt know that Zach was presenting, so I was VERY happy to see that he was in fact still here! He presented very well, although some people werent very responsive to the jokes. When he pulled down his glasses pretending so that he could read, it was very reminiscent of Hostage. The part where he became old. lol.


After, Zach finally came back! I was so happy! And John and Chris did the handshakes/high fives with him saying Good Job, man! You are amazing!

John Cho said where were you man???? you missed out during (something something i dont remember, the john krasinski and amy poehler thing maybe?)
Zach gave him a WTH face. Whatt?? I was up there! I was pre-sen-ting, john! (you had to be there, the way he said presenting was funny.)
John: I didnt know you were presenting! im jealous of you! JEALOUS!

Again, I giggled like the dorkwad that I am.

Then, Zach saw the mess the seatfiller left. And hes like what the fuck? And he wiped it off and put it aside. I just raised both hands in the air and said Iii didnt do it!

I think this was around the time when Merryl Streep won the tied best actress and we stood up. Everyone was giving her and standing ovation. My dress was really short, so I was having a hard time getting up properly. When I got up, I bumped into Chris pretty hard. So I said, SORRY! He leaned his head close to me to listen to what I was saying. I said Sorry for bumping you. He said Not at all! (again, in his sexy raspy voice.)

And then when Sandra Bullock won, we all stood up again. And Zach said something about, oh were standing for Sandra Bullock too now?? and after her speech Zach said while clapping, I love Sandra Bullock! I love her! And he started clapping even harder with his hands like a maniac. And John goes, Zach! take it easy Zach! TAKE IT EASY!

Zach: I LOOOVE HERRRRR! end clap. LOL

During commercial, Chris got up to leave somewhere. Then, John Cho was very nice. When everyone was gone, he actually started talking to me. Where Im from and such. Sweet guy.

And then Chris came back and told John that he just drank a whole bottle of water. And John wanted to get some too, so they all left outside to get a water bottle. Then, I caught up with Samy and I told her to sit next to me, on Chriss seat! Because she loves him, almost like how i love Zach. haha so she did. By this time Zach was already back next to me (where he belong ;]) And then Chris and John eventually came back and Chris touched Samys bare back and said thank you (in his sexy raspy voice of course) and sat back on his seat.

One of my favorite INCIDENT TOO!
If you know me well, you know that I say HIYOOH! A LOT. Its from hanging out with my male cousins too much. So during Susan Sarandon presenting, she said something about she too wanted to come home to FOOD and SEX. So everyone was laughing. Chris Pine was laughing. And I laughed and said HIYOOH!

Chris looked at me and laughed and said HAHAHAHHH HIYOOOH!!
LOL. yes. i just made chris pine say HIYOOH!

And then Zach was going through the envelope that he received. And he pulled out this table card or that says Critics Choice Awards Table 34. He put it in front of me and I didnt understand what he was doing, so I just said Thats cool. And then he went through the little envelope again, and pulled out this necklace lanyard that he was supposed to wear I guess and it says TALENT on it. And he handed it to me, I smiled real big and said I CAN HAVE THIS?? He said, Of course!

Me: Sweet!!! THANKS!
Zach: Youre a TALENT now!

LOL I was so happy. But it didnt have his name on it and if there was a Sharpie there, it would really come in handy to ask him to sign it! But still, the fact that he let me have it was AMAZING!

Then, the show ended and I found Samy and asked her to pleasse take a picture of me and Zach. But this girl came out of nowhere and was cliiiinging on to him! I thought she was his friend, he kind of ignored her even though she was all over his left arm and clinging on to it. But she asked him for a picture and she said yes. And then it was my turn, and I called his name probably about 10 times, I didnt wanna touch him and eventually he turned around! And I said Can i pleaseee have a picture with you? Zach: Yeah! Of course!

So Samy took it. With his arm around me. *swoons*

And after that he said, Thank! You!
Me: No, thank YOU for being so awesome and SO sweet!
Zach: Thank you! Go Sarmy! YEEEAH! (he deepened his voice and put his fist up in the air.)
Me: giggled like an idiot as always.

Then, I also took a picture with John Cho because he was being really nice and saying bye to us. And then they all left, Chris was the first one to jet, I wanted to get a picture of him and Samy. For a while, I thought lets go to Chateau Marmont and stalk them, lol but no. We walked around took pictures with other people.

Eli Roth! I took a picture with him and wanted to bring up how he resembled Zach, but that woulda been dumb. Although, during one of the commercials Zach, Eli, and Quentin Tarantino had a laugh-filled conversation with each other. And they were pointing at each other so I was wondering if MAYBE they were talking about their resemblence and casting Zach as the bear jew in Inglourious Basterds or something? haha that wouldve been funny.

It was DEFINITELY a night to remember.


Another moment:

during one of the commercials:
Zach: dude should I say hi Julianne Moore and talk to her?
Chris: yeah, of course!
Zach: but what do i say?? just introduce myself and talk about (something something) about the Tom Ford movie? Because I absolutely LOVE anything Tom Ford.
Chris and John: Yeah just go!
Zach still hesitant but stood up to walk over there?
John: want me to come with you??
And I guess Zach said no.
And when he came back.
Chris and John cheered him on. YEAH! What happened?
Zach: Yeah, I got her number.
They all laughed.
Zach: NO nothing happened.
Chris: No seriously, what happened?
Zach: NOTHING. seriously, nothing. We just talked about (something something, i dont remember again, but i think it had to do with the Tom Ford movie.

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